Ink Studio Ichou (custom)

So I thought I would start off with my own custom Sailor ink because I’m mean like that 😬

I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo earlier this year for an Ink Studio event that took place on my last day in Japan! Not wanting to miss out, I got out of bed super early to line up and was the first one there, being an hour and a half early…other people didn’t start showing up till about 15 minutes before the shop opened 😅

After showing him a picture of a colour I wanted Mr. Ishimaru to make,

he got straight into it and very soon came back with something for me to test. A couple of minor tweaks later I ended up loving the colour he came up with, which wasn’t quite the same as the picture but it was right up my alley and I was very happy with how wet and sheeny the resulting ink was!

Here are some swatches of my first bottle of custom Sailor ink. Clockwise from the top left: 52g Tomoe River, Midori, Graphilo, Paperholic.

A closer look at each.

My mum was the one who came up with the name “Ichou”, which means gingko…but she didn’t specify whether it was the leaves or the nuts this colour reminded her of 😅.

If you’re heading to Japan and want to try having your own custom ink blended right in front of you by the master Mr. Ishimaru, you can check the calendar over at Sailor events to help you plan your trip. Have fun!


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