Matsushima Blue

The shop “Office Vendor“, aka Bungu no Mori (文具の杜 – stationery forest, not to be confused with the Bungu no Mori near Osaka) in Sendai, Japan has a range of highly sought after inks called “Mori no Shiki” (杜の四季 – Four seasons of the forest). They are very difficult to come by as they are no longer sold online and have to be purchased in person, and each time the store restocks, it is only a selection of the entirely range, in small batches that often sell out within the day. To buy these you probably need to be in Sendai for a good while and keep a close eye on the shop news, and camp out 😬

The fountain pen community is full of awesome people, I have managed to get my paws on a few of these through a very generous friend who is also heavily into inks, whom I’ve yet to meet in person!

The labels in this range are all very pretty and definitely add to the overall desirability of these inks.

Below are swatches, clockwise from top left, on: 52g Tomoe River, Midori, Graphilo, Paperholic.

Closer look:

I will be doing the other colours I have in the future, so stay tuned 🙂


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