I love Japan, I like to think of it as my second/spiritual home, but Japan in August is not for people who prefer cool dry weather (me), so it was just as well that some brave soul πŸƒ volunteered to embark on a sacred journey this time around.

In two of my previous posts I talked about how I sometimes mule things back for fellow FP friends. Earlier in the year I had an opportunity to beta test a new game called “Train a new mule” where I played a stay-at-home keyboard shopper remote controlling a πŸƒ in real time, all from the comfort of my own home 😎

Of course to prepare him for this harsh journey I armed him with a list of things to procure so he would always have a sense of purpose and not be defeated by the physical shock he was about to experience.

As most people who have played any sort of RPG would know, sometimes it takes multiple attempts and a bit of back and forth to fully complete a quest.

One of the side quests sent πŸƒ to this remote place just outside the Tokyo metro area, where he could grind to level two by completing two tasks – pick up a Pen and some inks from Pen Point and some inks from Keio Atman at Seisekisakuragaoka.

It wasn’t as straight forward as it sounds, as you can see, he failed to pick up all the hidden treasure before having to set up camp temporarily to restore his HP.

I reminded πŸƒ that he was only 5 exp from leveling up, so back he went, battling more heat and humidity, and grabbed the last hidden chest:

Sadly though, the equipment contained in the chest didn’t provide πŸƒ with any sort of stat boosts, it was just a tanuki relic that he had already picked up one copy of, that took up one slot in his bag, didn’t stack, and couldn’t be discarded. I have no idea why it was in the game 🀷 I suspect it’s a booby prize for the completionists:

I have to say, there is some tweaking to be done to “Train a new mule”, the controls were at times laggy or unresponsive, the map not the easiest to navigate, and there was a bit too much backtracking, but overall it was quite enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the official release!

*Please don’t show any Sailor representatives this post, especially not the bit before the swatches, we do love Sailor βš“


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