Izumi Rose

Hello! I’m back with my crappy photography skills~ it’s been over a month since my last post and yes, I’m still obsessed with the 36 singing men even though the show finished at the beginning of January 😭

Honestly though, I have been busy besides being obsessed 😬

Late last year I went on Taobao and bought some Chinese exclusive inks at extortionate prices, but the labels were very pretty and there were virtually no swatches anywhere, so I had to buy them to see for myself…I initially only bought three colours but then went and got the remaining two colours after a few days, because well, that was the right thing to do!

Here’s one of them:

Frankly, it isn’t the most exciting ink, but it’s a good choice if like me, you’re a bit bored of crazy sheeners in similar colours aka Kobe 41, Nagoya Sankodo’s Tokugawaen Botan, or Iroshizuku Yama budo. This is considerably bluer and definitely less “in your face”.

This one is for fans of Tomoe River paper, or those who have trouble getting their hands on the other papers I do comparison swatches on, because in my eyes it absolutely looks the best on TR:





Let me know what you think or if there are things you would like a closer look at 🙂 I’m slowly going through things I haven’t swatched 😬


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