Hiroshima Lemon Yellow

When I went to Tayama Bungu in Hiroshima last year, it was quite early in my trip so I didn’t want to spend all my money in one go. I ended up with severe non-buyers-remorse 🀦

I only picked up one ink for myself, and got a friend a “hideous” ink I wasn’t sure he would ever use (neither is featured in this post), but I bought it anyway because their best selling blue black (awesome) was out of stock, and the alternatives were pink, πŸ’© brown, Japan red, or the “why on earth did I not buy it” ink I’m about to confess my love for!

After I left Hiroshima I couldn’t stop looking at my little book of writing samples and wishing I had bought more.

I kept telling myself the tester pen had probably been left to evaporate and was somewhat contaminated, that this lovely sheeny greenish LEGIBLE yellow wasn’t what the ink really looked like.

A few months later I said goodbye to a kidney and paid a proxy to buy it for me. No regrets.

Granted the writing sample was indeed a bit darker than the fresh ink, but I also noticed something – this is one of those colour changing inks that when freshly laid down on the page, it is one colour, but after a while it looks different, thanks to that tiny hint of green that pops out and looks lovely, then disappears (still lovely) 😍

Papers used are, clockwise from top left: 52g Tomoe River, Midori, Graphilo, and Paperholic.

Closer look at each, see the sheen coming through on TR and Graphilo~

You can tell I’m a huge fan of this ink, I love the colour and how pale but legible it is.

Writing sample on cream TR

Same pen, same inking, on white TR

Bonus guest appearance from Maruzen Athena Lemon, because I’ve been asked a few times before how these two compare:

As you can see, they’re not dupes, so don’t go buying Hiroshima Lemon Yellow if what you really want is Maruzen Athena Lemon. Buy it for what it actually is~ 😁

I hope you’ve been inkabled!


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