Take two.

Late last night I accidentally published this page with just pictures, then fell asleep šŸ¤¦ I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t have minded anyway but I panicked and unpublished it so I could add my usual drivel in šŸ˜…

Happiness is my second ever Bungubox ink, and the first I picked up from the Tokyo shop myself. Normally I have a very hard time making big decisions: what to have for breakfast/lunch/dinner, but when it comes to inks, if it’s green and made by Sailor, I have to have it.

Since I already had Tsuyuhikari, the next most obvious choice for me was Happiness, because who wouldn’t like a brightly coloured green ink with a squinty looking animal on its label? It also piqued my interest because I recognised it as something that didn’t get nearly as much attention as some of its more famous siblings like First Love (Hatsukoi/Sapphire), L’Amant, 4B, etc etc. Look what a beauty this turned out to be!

Clockwise from top left, 52g Tomoe River, Midori, Graphilo, Paperholic

I’ve tried to find a dupe for this without much success. This isn’t the usual yellow leaning green that I mostly favour, but it hasn’t got quite enough blue in it (though it’s obviously there) to make it a blue green. It’s even got a bit of sheen to it if your pen is wet enough!


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