Christmas Rose

A new one from Pelle Penna I received a couple of days ago, just in time for Christmas!

I’ve not had time to work on the blog lately because I’ve um…been rather very obsessed with a singing show involving 36 super talented and good looking men (some are half my age) (I KNOW!) who can er, sing very well, and look very good (but like to post ugly selfies). It’s a very funny show, I’ve only watched every 2hr long episode in its entirety about 10 times each, plus all the cuts and extra bits and individual performances I put on whenever I’m not watching an episode. My family, my cats, my friends and all my work colleagues know about it and have very kindly refrained from talking to me for a few weeks now because I need to listen to these men sing.

Anyway the new episode comes out tomorrow and one of my favourite men (I have many) supposedly sings Confrontation from the Jekyll & Hyde musical and kills off all competition so I thought I should get something written before that happens or it’ll never happen.

So here it is, a Tokiwa matsu lookalike that behaves rather interestingly on Midori MD paper (Top right in picture below). Now I need to try Tokiwa Matsu on Midori to see if it looks like that as well 🤔

Close-ups on Tomoe River, Midori, Graphilo and Paperholic:

If you have any questions about the ink please let me know. My mind is elsewhere right now and I probably should’ve waited till I’m not crazy but I don’t know when that will be 😬

Oh and Merry Christmas!!


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